in 2003, i moved to the UK with my wife,  where we have been among the happy poor for four years of postgraduate schooling and three years of fending for ourselves in a harsh job market, especially in our chosen field of literature. As of this *edit*, we are on the cusp of a move to a new city in Yorkshire (hint: the clue is in the name), where my love has begun the first exciting steps of her professional life.

it’s tempting to talk about my work as an academic, but this isn’t really the place for that, now is it?

if i’m ‘about’ anything: i’m about taking pictures with one of my many cameras; about five foot six on a good day; about writing and learning and hopefully getting to do that for a living; about one eighty to one ninety; about six miles an hour; about long distance; about american literature; about loads and loads of really bad and amazing television; about techno-wizardry; about the Next  Big Thing; about having few close friends, unless i’m moving, and then the error of my anti social ways becomes apparent when i have to pick up all my stuff and put it somewhere else; about hiphop from the nineties, and spoken word from the seventies and the noughties; avant-garde art and poetry and watching the latter catch up to the former; about meta-; about post-; about my allotment; about Kaley; about listing like the Pequod and listing like a grocery memo; about performing poetry like it really matters, like lit really matters; about taking books out of the library and not reading them; about cheap beer and fine wine and never mixing the two; about swearing oaths and living out contradictions; about dirt under my nails; about good Japanese knives; about being out and about.